Long Mont Velo - Chapter 1? 1.5?

As I write this its just after hitting publish on a major overhaul of Long Mont Velo's website.  The time is close to midnight and a bleary eyed delirium creeps in behind the eyes after staring at a screen this long.  This really is no time to be writing.

But write I must, because some sort of note must be made on Long Mont Velo's long neglected blog.  It is important to document turning points in one's life and turning points in the life of a bicycle shop are no different.  Long Mont Velo is coming up on one year of existence, but in all actuality we are just getting started.

A hole has been left in the Longmont cycling world with the closure of Bike and Hike.  A staple and institution of Longmont and North Boulder County for 40 years. They had a run that most bikes shops would kill for.  As their doors closed over on Main, over here on Francis we wrestled with big dreams of trying to fill the gap.  

It's not that we take pleasure in the closing of Bike and Hike, rather we are extremely sad to see them go because it forces us to up our game a lot faster than anticipated.  When you are the little guy in town you can take your time growing and getting good at what you do. When you become the only game in town though you better darn well make sure you are on top of every little detail.  Will there be hiccups?  Yeah of course, but we are going to keep them to a minimum and strive to eliminate them.   We are confident that we can rise to expectations and fill that hole.  

To that end we've had to take a look at our website and change a few things.  Now you will find the products we carry and the services we offer.  If you have questions there is a simple and easy form you can ask those questions on.  More importantly we've launched a community tab and a digital presence tab.  Here you can see what we are doing and where we are doing it.  

Perhaps one of my favorite changes however is the ever present header on every page.  Our logo features prominently above our address and phone number.  This is by design.  We appreciate you checking out the website, but we'd much rather have you in the shop.  The header is saying to you "come on over, here is the address, give us a call if you want."  Everyone is welcome in the shop and we want you to feel welcome.  Come over, sit down on the big green couch, watch a bike race or chat with one of us. I want Long Mont Velo to be more than a bike shop, I want it to be a place where you hangout.

So come on, come hangout with us, come ride with us, and come grow with us.